Philosophy of the Department

The philosophy underlying the programme is informed by the necessity to understand the structure and physical behaviour of matter and how it can be applied to meet human needs and provide the essential needs of the industries and the society in general

The programme focuses on developing specialized technical manpower in the field of general physics at the undergraduates’ level with the aim of equipping undergraduates with the fundamental knowledge of general Physics for the exploration, exploitation and industrialization of the vast natural resources.

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the department are derived from the overall vision and mission of the university.

Objective of the Department

The fundamental objectives of the programme in the Physics Department include:

  • To equip students with the basic fundamental knowledge of scientific concept, this will be usable in solving physical problems.

  • To contribute to the technological and industrial advancement of knowledge.

  • To provide undergraduate with the basic foundation needed for the industrial manpower, growth and development.

  • To indicate broadly the knowledge in applied Physics leading to a variety of carriers in the private and public sectors of the nation’s economy
  • Admission Requirement


    The minimum entry requirement for admission into the bachelor’s degree programme in the department of Physics in accordance with the minimum academic standard of the national university commission (NUC) is five credits passes at not more than two sitting in the West African school certificate examination (WASC). Or senior school certificate examination (SSCE), (NECO) or (NABTECH) examination, which must include English language; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry and Biology.