History of the Department

The Department of Statistics started as a unit in the Department of Physical Sciences in 1994. During the 1994/95 academic session, Statistics unit provided service courses to other departments and colleges. In 1995 Senate of MOUAU approved the introduction of degree programmes in Statistics in the Department of Physical Sciences. Consequently, the first intake of 10 students into Statistics degree programme was made in 1995. At the beginning of 2004/2005 session, the Department of Physical Sciences was split into Department of Physics and Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

In 2011, Senate of MOUAU approved the demerging of Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science into Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Department of Computer Science. And finally, in March 2012, Senate of MOUAU in its wisdom approved the splitting of Department of Mathematics and Statistics into Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics. In the 2013/2014 session the population of Statistics students was 276 while in the 2014/2015 session it was 352. As at August 2016, the student enrolment was 367.


The mission of Department of Statistics is to contribute to the overall objectives of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike,through provision of sound foundation through education and research in Statistical sciences.

Philosophy of the Department

The philosophy of the statistics programme is to contribute to scientific and technical development of Nigeria by producing scientists equipped with sound theoretical as well as practical knowledge of statistics. This philosophy is consistent with the overall philosophy of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture which sets out to achieve an integral Manpower development through teaching, research and extension, to enable the individual acquire and transmit practical and applied agricultural and scientific knowledge and skills that will empower the individual to face the challenges of national development.

Objective of the Department

The aims and objectives of the Bachelor Honours Degree Programmes in Statistics are:

  • To instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for statistics, an appreciation of its application in different areas and to involve them in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.

  • To provide students a broad and balanced foundation in statistics knowledge and practical skill in statistics and computer science.

  • To develop in students the ability to apply their statistical knowledge and skills to the solution of theoretical and practical problems in statistics.

  • To develop in students, through an education in statistics, a range of transferable skills of values in statistics related and non-statistics related employment.

  • To provide students with knowledge and skills from which they can proceed to further studies in specialized areas of statistics or multi-disciplinary areas involving statistics.

  • To generate in students an appreciation of the importance of statistics in industrial planning, economic planning, environmental and social planning.